Monday 21-Nov-2016

13:00   Welcome & logistics
             Session Chair: Giusi Micela
13:10   Session: Introducing Ariel
13:10   Cosmic Vision and the M4 selection process  
                       --  Luigi Colangeli (ESA)
13:50   ARIEL mission concept & community opportunities  
                       --  Göran Pilbratt (ESA)
14:30   The ARIEL science objectives 
                       --   Giovanna Tinetti (UCL)
15:10   Coffee break
             Session Chair: Pierre Drossart
15:40   The ARIEL spacecraft and industrial studies  
                       --   Ludovic Puig (ESA)
16:20   The ARIEL payload  
                      --  Paul Eccleston (RAL)
17:00   The ARIEL target sample  
                      --  Giusi Micela (INAF)
17:20   Correcting ARIEL spectra for stellar variability  
                      --  Bart Vandenbussche (KU Leuven)
17:40   Welcome cocktail and poster viewing
19:00   End of day 1

Tuesday 22-Nov-2016

09:00   Logistics
            Session Chair: Bart Vandenbussche
09:10   Session: Exoplanet formation & interiors 
09:10   The formation of exoplanets 
                       --  Yann Alibert (University of Bern)
09:40   The ARIEL contribution to planetary formation  
                       --  Diego Turrini (INAF-IAPS)
10:00   Session: Atmosphere models 
10:00   Exoplanet atmosphere models - a review   
                       -- Frank Selsis (University of Bordeaux)
10:30   Modeling of exoplanet atmospheres  
                       --  Olivia Venot (LISA)
10:50   Coffee break 
            Session Chair:  Paulina Wolkenberg
11:20   Modeling the thermal IR spectrum of young telluric magma ocean planets  
                       -- Emmanuel Marcq (LATMOS)
11:40   Biosignature Detection on Potential Habitable Planets around Nearby M Dwarfs
                       -- Feng Tian (Tsinghua University)
12:00   Middle and upper atmospheres with a visible-infrared spectroscopy mission
                       -- Antonio García Muñoz (TU Berlin)
12:20   Probing cloudy atmospheres of mini-Neptunes with ARIEL
                       --  Benjamin Charnay (LESIA)
12:40   Transit spectroscopy of a Temperate Jupiter  
                       --  Thérèse Encrenaz (Paris Observatory)
13:00   Lunch 
             Session Chair: Diego Turrini
14:00   Interior of super-earths  
                       --  Diana Valencia (University of Toronto)
Circulation models of warm jupiters  
                       --  Alexander Medvedev (MPS)
14:40   A socialist view of exoplanetary atmospheres  
                       --  Amaury Triaud (University of Cambridge)
15:00   Session: Missons and surveys delivering ARIEL targets 
15:00   Searching for ARIEL targets from the ground - SPECULOOS and other transit surveys
                       --  Michael Gillon (University of Liege)
15:30   The TESS mission
                       --  George Ricker (MIT)
16:00   Coffee break
            Session Chair:  Marc Ollivier
16:20   The PLATO mission  
                       --  Giampaolo Piotto (University of Padova)
16:50   On the ARIEL-Gaia Synergy  
                       --  Alessandro Sozzetti (INAF)
17:10   A concept for transit spectroscopy and its potential application to future space telescopes
                      --  Taro Matsuo (Osaka University)
17:30   Session: Synergies with other missions and observatories
17:30   Exoplanet spectroscopy from the ground 
                       -- Ignas Snellen (Leiden Observatory)
18:00   Exoplanet spectroscopy with JWST-NIRISS  
                       --  René Doyon (Université de Montréal)
18:20   End of day 2   

Wednesday 23-Nov-2016

09:00   Logistics
            Session Chair: Göran Pilbratt
09:10   Session: Synergies with other missions and observatories continued
09:10   Exoplanet spectroscopy with JWST-NIRSPEC
                      --  Pierre Ferruit (ESA)
09:30   Exoplanet spectroscopy with JWST-MIRI
                      --  Pierre-Olivier Lagage (CEA-Saclay)
09:50   NGTS
                       --  Matt Burleigh (University of Leicester)
10:10   The synergy between atmospheric constraints and mass/radius measurements
                      --  Jeremy Leconte (LAB)
10:30   Session: exoplanet host stars 
10:30   Exoplanet host stars
                     --  Conny Aerts (KU Leuven)
11:00   Coffee break
            Session Chair: Jeremy Leconte
11:30   Session: The ARIEL sample 
11:30   Generating an optimal target list for the ARIEL space mission
                    --  Tiziano Zingales (UCL)
11:50   Scheduling the ARIEL Mission Reference Sample
                    --  Jean-Philippe Beaulieu (IAP)
12:10   Could ARIEL detect Exomoons?
                   --  David Waltham (Royal Halloway)
12:30   Lunch 
            Session Chair: Giovanna Tinetti
13:30   Session: Spectral retrievals 
13:30   Spectral retrievals for ARIEL
                   --  Joanna Barstow (UCL)
13:50   ARIEL atmospheric retrievals
                   --  Ingo Waldmann (UCL)
14:05   Spectral retrieval of exoplanetary atmospheres in the era of ARIEL
                   --  Marco Rocchetto (UCL)
14:20   Atmosphere retrieval using complex models
                   --  Michiel Min (SRON)
14:40   ExoSim - the ARIEL end-to-end simulation
                   --  Subhajit Sarkar (Cardiff University)
15:00   Conference summary & feedback from the community to ARIEL 
16:00   Coffee break and end of the conference


Logistics note to poster authors: poster panels are 84cm wide and 120cm high (A0)

PA01  The ARIEL on-board electronic system
                 --  Emanuele Pace (Università di Firenze)
PA02  The ARIEL Payload Instrument Control Unit and scientific data on-board processing
                --  Mauro Focardi (INAF-OAA)
PA03  The ARIEL Ground Segment
                --  Chris Pearson (RAL Space)
PA04   Background source contamination analysis for ARIEL
                --  Valerio Nascimbeni (DFA-UNIPD)
PA05   Modelling the convection driven variability of the Ariel host stars
                --  Ioannis Argyriou (KU Leuven)
PS01   Apodized pupil spectrometer for ultra-stable transit spectroscopy of exoplanets
                --  Satoshi Itoh (Osaka university)
PS02   CHEOPS: CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite
                --  Kate Isaak (ESA/ESTEC)
PS03   Observing with CHEOPS
                --  Kate Isaak (ESA/ESTEC)
PS04   The Chinese STEP mission: Search for Terrestrial Exoplanets
                --  Ding Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences & CalTech)
PR01   An atmosphere around the hot super-Earth 55 Cancri e
                --  Angelos Tsiaras (UCL)
PR02   Spectroscopic observations of Hot-Jupiters with the Hubble WFC3 camera
                --  Mario Damiano (UCL / INAF)
PR03   PyETA: high resolution transmission spectra of exoplanetary atmospheres
                --  Lorenzo Pino (Università di Padova / Université de Genève)
PR04   Blind extraction of exoplanetary spectra
                --  Giuseppe Morello (UCL)
PR05   Modeling transit spectra from a 3D global climate model
                --  Anthony Caldas (Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Bordeaux)
PR06  Clouds in atmospheres of exoplanets
                -- Paulina Wolkenberg (SRC PAS, IAPS-INAF)